How to Make Seismic Retrofitters More Affordable

If you own a property in Los Angeles, chances are that you have received one of the many notices from the City of Los Angeles requiring you to retrofit your building for seismic safety. These retrofits can be costly, but there are some ways to help make them more affordable.

Investing in earthquake retrofits before an earthquake strikes can save you money and keep your home from falling down. A recent study showed that homes with seismic retrofits can cost between $75,000 and $150,000 less in repairs than those without, which is a big savings for your pocketbook.

The first step in deciding whether you need to have your house seismically retrofitted is to figure out when it was built. Generally, homes that are older (built before 1980) and that were constructed with raised foundations should opt for earthquake retrofits.

Older Homes Need Seismic Retrofits in Los Angeles

There are hundreds of thousands of older homes in the state that need earthquake retrofits. These homes are especially vulnerable to damage from an earthquake because they were not built to meet current earthquake safety standards.

These older houses may not have adequate bracing or bolting, which means they can slide and topple off of their foundations during an earthquake.

A professional structural engineer can determine if your house needs a seismicĀ  retrofitters los angeles by performing an inspection and providing you with a written estimate for the work required to bring your house up to modern safety standards.

If you need to retrofit your house, it’s best to hire a licensed and insured structural engineering firm that specializes in building retrofits for buildings of all sizes and shapes in the Los Angeles area. This way, you can ensure that you’re getting the best possible quality for your money.

Whether you own a small apartment complex in West Los Angeles or an expensive high-rise building in the San Fernando Valley, you should know that all buildings need to be earthquake retrofitted to comply with current codes and to minimize the risk of damage from future ground shifting events caused by earthquakes.

In order to help owners with their costs, the City of Los Angeles has a cost recovery program that allows them to pass on up to 50% of their retrofit costs to tenants. The maximum allowable rent increase is $38 per month for 120 months, and it must be divided between all units.

The process of implementing these programs is extremely complicated and requires a team of highly skilled professionals with knowledge of the local construction and safety standards. A qualified and experienced Los Angeles structural engineering firm should be able to help you with the entire process, including obtaining the appropriate permits and coordinating the required inspections and surveys.

If you own a building that needs seismic retrofitting, contact us at Lux Construction Group to schedule an appointment for an evaluation and estimate. We will be able to provide you with an assessment and a recommendation that will give you peace of mind and prevent your buildings from falling down during a major earthquake in the Los Angeles area.