Why it is Important to Pay Attention to the Right Precautionary Measures for Shayari Holi

The term ‘Shayari Holi’ is actually a mix of two words that are used synonymously – ‘Shaitari’, which means happy and joyous, and ‘Halidh’ which means praise or worship. The main meaning of the word in ayurveda is ‘attributes to the good eye of God’, while ‘Raja’ signifies success and power. The sad shayari holi pendant is a beautiful necklace that is a symbol of love and praise for the Goddess of wealth. It is given as a gift to someone who is very close to you by your family, friends, or any other person whom you have considered as a best friend or a devotee. Check out this page for more info.

shayariholic sad shayari

When you see the shayari holi pendant on a person, it gives a very good feeling and uplifts the soul. It is a complete gift of love from the divine to you. The goddess herself is surrounded by a host of sages, godly personalities and other divine personalities on her thrones; so the importance of this throne cannot be ignored.

The concept of’shayari holi’ has been present since the early 1900s. In this era, the concept of ‘pilgrims’ was very popular and many shayari holi pendants were made to flaunt the path of these holy travelers. But now, the concept of shayari holi has completely changed. People have started giving away shayari as wedding gifts along with the sweets and candies that are considered to be a part of the wedding. The word’shayari’ does not carry any reference to the shaitarishta of the Hindu religion, but it stands for ‘praised or glorified’.

So, the meaning of ‘Shayari Holi’ is ‘glory of the lord’. The shape of this pendant also carries a lot of meaning. It is round in shape and is studded with sparkling semi-precious gems like diamond and rubies. It is also encrusted with different metals like silver and gold.

After the bride and groom are given the shayari as wedding gift, it is necessary that a special ceremony be conducted for them. This is the’sanyo seva’ or the public blessing ceremony. There are many rituals and hymns performed before the guests can enter in to the premises of the ceremony. The first hymn is performed for the ‘Vida’ or the family and is followed by other hymns depicting the importance and joys of life after marriage.

This ceremony is also known as ‘Shodhdhan Panchami’ where the blessings of the Goddess of wealth (Sesh), Panchami (good fortune) and other gods are offered to the newly wedded couple. This ‘Shodh’ also marks the start of the couple’s period (known as ‘Kamasutra’) during which they will be able to spend their honeymoon in perfect harmony and tranquility. The ‘Rakshabandhan’ also takes place at this time. This is a festival which highlights the couple’s education and training in their new home. They are also blessed by the Goddess of wealth who grants them a safe passage and protection throughout their married life.

This is a special occasion during which the new bride and groom are decorated by a number of birds (mostly birds from the Parrot species) whose song is meant to convey the joy and prosperity of the new beginning. Some of these birds are made to kneel on the couple’s feet as a sign of respect and blessing upon them. They are then treated to delicious meals and dances prepared by their hosts.

One important ritual in the wedding ceremony is the exchange of garlands (called ‘Rakhi’) between the two families at the reception. The garlands are also considered as symbols of love and are exchanged by the family to express their heartfelt happiness and love for each other. A special event like the shayari hamam will be a true manifestation of the deep rooted values and spiritual traditions of the Indian culture. To witness such an auspicious occasion in its purest form is truly a treat for the eyes.